Envisioning and equipping future Nation Builders (Children & Youth) through LAMP®‘s Character Building concepts, projects, related events & initiatives utilising Music, Art & Culture, which, combined with EDUCATION & SKILL DEVELOPMENT, will help build Responsible Citizens based on Article 51A of the Constitution of India. Through the above processes and LAMP®‘s anchor project “INDIA DREAMS 2047”, we aim to develop our future Nation Builders for an India@100.

LAMP® aims to seed transformational thoughts and facilitate our nation’s children and youth and inspire them to dream, act and excel in every sphere of life, individually and collectively. This, we believe, will finally lead India to break the entrenched cycle of poverty & inequity, developing us into a strong economic super power and leader-influencer in the comity of nations by 2047.

LAMP®‘s Nation Building Projects aim to reach out to every Indian child, youth, and through them their families across India, and to the Indian Diaspora and persons of Indian origin across the globe, through ongoing waves of initiatives over several years. The projects will cut through the urban-rural, socio-economic, geographic, cultural and other divides to unite the nation and its people. The projects will impart and kindle a spirit of patriotism and a love for this nation in the hearts of every member of our next generation, the impact of which will last a life time!